Ford Earns Top Grade For Water Conservation

DEARBORN — Ford Motor Co. said it was one of a handful of global corporations to earn an “A” grade for its work to
conserve water by CDP, the London-based environmental disclosure agency.

From 2000 to 2014, Ford reduced its water use by 62
percent – 10 billion gallons – achieving its water reduction
goal two years ahead of schedule.

Ford is the only North American company to earn CDP’s
highest honor for corporate water stewardship. More than 400
companies were considered for CDP recognition, with only eight receiving an “A” grade.

While water has historically been a relatively inexpensive
resource, its cost is expected to continue to rise. This
forecast prompted Ford to establish its Global Water
Management Initiative in 2000 to help guide its water
conservation work.

The automaker also introduced several new technologies
such as a 3-wet paint process and minimum quantity
lubrication. Both save hundreds of thousands of gallons of
water per year.

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