LTU math, civil engineering, biomedical engineering programs ranked in Best Value Schools

SOUTHFIELD – Several programs at Lawrence Technological University have been rated among the Best Value Small College programs by the college ranking website Best Value Schools for 2017.

Lawrence Tech was ranked No. 9 in the nation for civil engineering, No. 10 for biomedical engineering, and No. 11 for its mathematics program.

For the biomedical and civil engineering rankings, listed schools must offer at least one targeted program for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the field. For the math award, three relevant programs must be offered. Schools must also demonstrate a commitment to cost control and a 50 percent graduation rate. The website said it used NCIS College Navigator database and program research to make its rankings, based on academic breadth and depth, student support, and affordability.

The website said LTU’s biomedical engineering “curriculum encourages creativity and innovation as much as science and math, making it the perfect academic melting pot for anyone who wants to apply abstract ideas to real world problems … The demanding program requires a minimum of 132 credit hours and includes four main areas of focus: bioelectronics, biofluids, biomaterials, and biomechanics. In addition, each student in this top biomedical engineering undergraduate program receives a laptop and access to industry-standard software that they can use in laboratory and design classes.”

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Of the math program, the website said, “Mathematics students at Lawrence Technological University don’t just go on to do great things – they do great things while they are still in school! From computational art interpretation to astronomics, the student projects that emerge from LTU’s Math and Computer Science Department are constantly pushing disciplinary boundaries and challenging assumptions in highly arcane fields. Such bold thinking is the product of the intellectual climate and interdisciplinary instruction at this top undergraduate math school. In that same vein, LTU offers dual degrees – like the combined computer science and mathematics program – to unite students and faculty in their exploration of knowledge.”

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And for the civil engineering program, the website said, “LTU provides an impressive range of research centers and engineering laboratories on its Southeast Michigan campus. The Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute (GLSMI), which serves as an on-campus resource and authority on stormwater management for agencies like the Sierra Club, is one perfect example. The institute is also a model of environmental engineering practices with a LEED Silver-certified building that includes rain gardens, a green roof, and native landscaping. Access to the GLSMI, plus facilities like a structural test lab center and electrical lighting lab, is a valuable asset to any student attending this top small college for civil engineering majors.”

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Lawrence Technological University,, is a private university founded in 1932 that offers more than 100 programs through the doctoral level in its Colleges of Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management. PayScale lists Lawrence Tech among the nation’s top 100 universities for the salaries of its graduates, and U.S. News and World Report lists it in the top tier of best Midwestern universities. Students benefit from small class sizes and a real-world, hands-on, “theory and practice” education with an emphasis on leadership. Activities on Lawrence Tech’s 107-acre campus include more than 60 student organizations and NAIA varsity sports.

LTU-backed startup event draws nearly 500 people

SOUTHFIELD — Nearly 500 people attended the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship, better known as ACE’17, held Thursday, Jan. 26 at the Westin Southfield.

Lawrence Technological University is a managing partner of the event, a celebration of all things entrepreneurial.

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Kraig Biocraft Secures Lease For Spider Silk Raw Material

ANN ARBOR — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: KBLB) this week announced a long-term lease on property in Texas upon which it will plant 2,000 mulberry trees — eventually creating the food for its genetically engineered silkworms to create its proprietary “spider silk.”

The company expects to see an improvement in materials performance and a reduction in production costs by as much as 30 percent through the use of locally sourced mulberry.

“Signing this lease and opening this new facility brings with it a new era for Kraig Labs and silk production in the U.S.,” said COO Jon Rice. “Establishing domestic mulberry production has long been a key piece of our growth plan, today we are pleased to be able share the success of our efforts in bringing that vision into reality. Over the coming months we will complete the planting of the first 2,000 trees and prepare the facility for the next phase of expansion.”

This property offers the company significant capacity for growth with room for tens of thousands of more trees.

Mulberry leaves are the preferred food for domesticated silkworms. After they finish the larval stage of their development — eating at times their body weight in mulberry leaves in a day — silkworms spin a cocoon that are harvested and unwound as silk. The cocoons are made of a single thread of raw silk that can be up to 3,000 feet long. The fibers are lustrous and almost microscopically fine — around 0.0004 inches in diameter.

Kraig’s silkworms have been genetically modified with several spider genes, so that the silk they spin has some of the same incredible strength and toughness as spiderwebs.

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Lansing Business Accelerator Seeking Applicants

LANSING — Lansing Proto, Michigan’s first and only physical product business accelerator program, is seeking applicants for the 2017 program.

Lansing Proto is a Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) initiative and subsidiary that supports physical product-based companies as they move from concept to market.

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Esperion Completes Enrollment In Trial Of Cholesterol-Buster

ANN ARBOR — Esperion Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ESPR) reported completing enrollment of a new Phase 3 study of about 2,000 patients testing its drug candidate bempedoic acid to treat high cholesterol.

The trial will test the drug’s safety and tolerability in treating patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease whose low-density lipopritein-C, the so-called bad cholesterol, is not adequately controlled with current lipid-modifying therapies.

Top-line results from this study are expected by June 2018.

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Detroit Firm’s Survey — More College Admissions Staff Check Social Media

DETROIT — In a recent survey conducted by The Social U, a startup business assisting young people maintain their social media profiles, 79 percent of college admissions officers reported “quality of character” as an important component in the admissions process.

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Whirlpool Earnings Flat, ‘Ongoing’ Up

BENTON HARBOR — Whirlpool Corp. (NYSE: WHR) reported fourth quarter net income of $180 million or $2.36 a share, unchanged from $180 million or $2.28 a share a year earlier. (The per-share figures are different because of fewer shares outstanding this year.)

The company also reported “ongoing business earnings” of $4.33 a share, up from $4.10 a share a year earlier. This figure excludes restructuring expenses, acquisition-related costs, legacy product warranty and liability expenses, and the impacts of income tax.

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Gentex Revenue Rises

ZEELAND — Gentex Corp. (Nasdaq: GNTX), the Zeeland-based manufacturer of automotive automatic-dimming rearview mirrors, automotive electronics, dimmable aircraft windows, and fire protection products, reported revenue of $419.9 million in the fourth quarter, up 4 percent from $405.6 million in the final quarter of 2015.

Net income for the quarter was $88.8 million or 31 cents a share, up from $88.4 million or 30 cents a share a year earlier.

For the full year, revenue was $1.68 billion, up from $1.54 billion in 2015. Net income for the full year was $347.6 million or $1.19 a year, up from $318.5 million or $1.08 a share in 2015.

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State Aid OK’d For $29.8M In Business Expansions

LANSING — Three business expansions that will generate nearly $29.8 million in total investment and create 148 jobs in Michigan have received Michigan Strategic Fund approval for support, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced.

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Enrollment Open for the 2017 Turner School of Construction Management

DETROIT — Enrollment has begun for the free, eight-week “Turner School of Construction Management” training program in Detroit which will begin in March 2017.

The course is designed to enhance the technical and managerial skills of small, minority, women-owned, veteran-owned, and/or disadvantaged business enterprises. Individuals enrolled in the program gain insight and meaningful tools to help grow their construction business. More than 30,000 people have graduated from the program since its inception in 1969.

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