Herman Miller Rolls Out Connected Office Furniture

HOLLAND — The furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Inc. (NASDAQ: MLHR) has rolled out Live OS, a new line of cloud-connected office furnishings.

Live OS includes an app and dashboard to offer data-based insights to help understand employees’ ever-changing needs in the workplace. With the launch of Live OS, Herman Miller extends its traditional product offering to include this subscription-based service.

Live OS will connect Herman Miller furniture, including sit-to-stand and fixed-height desks. The system collects data on desk utilization and worker preferences, creating insights for employers to enhance workplace performance.

The system also remembers preferred postures, with workers needing only to tap a desk control to adjust the work space to a saved position. Users can also choose to receive reminders that they should switch postures to avoid fatigue and improve performance and health.

“With the data insights captured through Live OS, organizations can better measure and manage workplace strategy to optimize real estate usage and improve employee experience,” said Ryan Anderson, director of commercialization for Live OS at Herman Miller. “Our initial testing indicates that employees using Live sit-to-stand desks have become more active, transitioning between sitting and standing six times as often as previously recorded. We’re excited by these early results as we seek to improve comfort and encourage people to adopt healthier behaviors in the workplace.”

The Live OS system is initially available in the North American market as part of a suite of services within Herman Miller’s Living Office. Visit http://www.hermanmiller.com/LiveOS for more information on Live OS, and http://www.hermanmiller.com/LivingOffice for more information on Living Office.

Herman Miller is a global provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. It has nearly 8,000 employees and posted revenue of $2.26 billion in its 2016 fiscal year.

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