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Kempel Recommended As MSU Engineering Dean

EAST LANSING — Leo Kempel, who has been acting dean of the Michigan State University College of Engineering since 2013, has been recommended as full-time dean of the college he has served for more than 16 years.

His appointment is subject to approval by the MSU Board of Trustees. If approved, it would be effective as of July 1.

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Kern Foundation Grant Boosts Entrepreneurial Education For LTU Engineering Students

SOUTHFIELD — Lawrence Technological University has received a three-year, $697,000 grant from the Wisconsin-based Kern Family Foundation to support expansion of entrepreneurial education for undergraduate engineering students.

This is the final phase of a series of Kern grants totaling more than $2.4 million that began in 2003. The goal is to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into undergraduate engineering education at LTU.

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U of M Researchers Create Innovative Nuclear Radiation Detector

Engineering researchers at the University of Michigan have released a prototype of the “Polaris-H”, a radiation detector that not only works faster than its predecessors, but is also less expensive. The detector is actually a camera that sets a gamma-ray map over the view of the room. This lets users see radiation, at least on the screen. Unlike older versions of radiation detectors, this device can function at room temperature and be left alone to pick up information. The data on radiation is then stored to a USB drive, which can be inserted into a computer to analyze later. Previous methods of collecting radiation data could take weeks, but the “Polaris-H” can get the job done in half an hour. This commercialized innovation is already at work at NASA and the Department of Defense, besides, of course, nuclear power plants.